Native Irish Wildflower Seeds, Seedbombs & Wildflower ID Book Gift Box


Native Irish Wildflower Seeds, Seedbombs and Wildflowers of Ireland Guide Gift Box

These eco-friendly, easy-to-use seedbombs are not only a nod to the beauty of Ireland’s native flora but also a perfect Easter gift that embodies the essence of renewal and growth.

Wrapped in vibrant, packaging, each seedbomb is a joyful expression of the season, ready to transform any space into a blooming paradise. Ideal for garden enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, these seedbombs are a delightful way to encourage biodiversity and create a haven for pollinators.

Gift the promise of a flourishing wildflower meadow this Easter and spread the joy of green growth. It’s a thoughtful, sustainable way to celebrate the season of new beginnings.

Bring life, colour, and joy to someone’s garden with our Native Irish Wildflower Seedbombs. A gift that truly keeps on giving!

Inside the GiftBox:
Each has 5 – 6 (depending on the size) seedbombs and How To Sow Instructions. A pouch of Native Irish Wildflower Seeds to cover 3 sq. meters, and The Wildflowers of Ireland Guide.

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Wildflowers Seeds, Seedbombs & Wildflowers of Ireland Guide Gift Box.

The Wildflower Mix:

This is a mixture of Annual Native Irish Wildflower seeds that are harvested in Ireland. It includes Corncockle, Cornflower, Corn Marigold and Corn Poppy. Cut down on mowing to support biodiversity and create a bright wildflower display with this easy-to-grow mix!

Easy to Use: No need for gardening expertise or special tools. Simply throw, let nature’s rain and sun do their work, and watch as your space transforms.
Eco-Friendly: Our seedbombs are made with sustainable materials, ensuring a positive impact on the planet. Each bomb degrades naturally, leaving behind nothing but flowers.
Pollinator Paradise: Designed to attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, these seedbombs are a critical tool in supporting our native ecosystem’s health and biodiversity.
Grow Anywhere: Perfect for gardens, balconies, or neglected urban spaces, these seedbombs are designed to thrive in a wide range of soil types, requiring minimal maintenance.
Gift of Green: A thoughtful present for the eco-conscious or gardening enthusiast in your life, offering them a unique and meaningful experience.

Inside the Pack:
Each pack has 5 – 6 (depending on the size) seedbombs and How To Sow Instructions.

Unleash a burst of life and colour with a simple toss, and create your own wildflower meadow that invites the magic of nature to your doorstep.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Discover the joy of wildflower gardening with Native Irish Wildflower Seedbombs. Because beauty is more than what meets the eye — it’s what it invites into our world.

Each Seedbomb could contain any number of a mix of 29 Native Irish Wildflower Annual and perennial Seed Species.
Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corncockle, Chamomile, Poppy, Devil’s Bit Scabious, Field Scabious, Honesty, Lady’s Bedstraw, Lesser Knapweed, Meadow Buttercup, Meadow Vetchling, Mullein, Ox Eye Daisy, Plantain, Purple Loosestrife, Ragged Robin, Red Campion, Red Clover, Scentless Mayweed, Selfheal, Sorrel, St. John’s Wort, Tufted Vetch, Wild Carrot, Wild Marjoram, Yarrow, Yellow Rattle.

About The Guide:

Ireland has a diverse and astonishing collection of native wildflowers. Take the guide out on your next walk and get to know the vast range of flowers we have. With easily understood terminology, focus is put on the main identifying features of each plant, by colour, size, shape of flower, leaf, habitat, flowering season, and where in Ireland it might be found. 

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Cover 3 sq. meters

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Native Irish Wildflower Seeds, Seedbombs & Wildflower ID Book Gift Box
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