Irish Native Wildflower Seeds

How was Erva thought up?

I’m Eadaoin! I set up Erva after meshing a mix of ideas that have been coming to fruition over the years. I will give you a little rundown… My work background is in Web Design & Photography, I love both. But ever since I can remember my happy place has been mucking about in the garden, navigating over brambly ditches, hopping streams, hanging out in the trees, just observing and being fascinated by all the tiny magical things that are happening everywhere you look. The longer I would sit and observe the same spot the more wonders I became aware of. As is the case for most of us, the connection to the natural world is my joy. And without getting too sappy, I want to share that, make it easy for people to get involved and in the process create spaces that help and support those magical pollinator critters!

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